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by Cheryl Najafi on Aug 17, 2015 14 comments »

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Our spinach gratin recipe is how spinach was meant to be consumed—with lots of cheese! We perfected this recipe so it’s not ‘soupy’ like au gratin dishes you may have tasted in the past. In fact, we added just enough sauce to bind and flavor the spinach and used a nice, high-quality Monterey Jack or Gruyere cheese.

Don’t be fooled by the cheese, however, because our recipe contains nearly three pounds of leafy greens, making it a dense and hearty side dish. Sometimes our recipes are picked through but not totally consumed—but this time, there wasn’t a sliver of spinach or even a singlet of melted cheese left stuck to the pan. It’s that good.

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Our spinach gratin is perfect for every day dinners, a welcome holiday side dish and perfect for company. It’s a recipe that pairs well with just about anything, and while it’s listed under ‘sides,’ we’d be more than happy to eat this as a main course!

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Spinach Gratin Recipe Tips:

  • Be sure to squeeze as much liquid as possible from the frozen spinach—the successful outcome of the dish depends on removing as much water as possible! A cheesecloth makes this super easy (paper towels can tend to disintegrate with all the extra moisture.)
  • You can also use fresh spinach in this recipe, but you’ll need quite a bit. You’ll want to substitute 1 – 1.5lbs of fresh spinach for every 10oz bag of frozen – so 5 – 7lbs of fresh spinach for this recipe. Cook it down in a pan and then add it in at the same spot as the frozen spinach in the recipe.
  • Not a fan of the cheeses we use? Swap in the melty ones that you prefer.

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Spinach Gratin Recipe

Prep Time: 30 minutes mins

Cook Time: 30 minutes mins

Total Time: 1 hour hr

One of our most popular recipe – you will go nuts for our spinach gratin. It’s super easy, packed with spinach and tastes amazing!

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Yield: 8 -10 servings

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  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees, lightly coat a 2-qt casserole dish with cooking spray and set aside. Place a large skillet over medium heat then melt butter. Add onions and cook 3–4 minutes until translucent. Add garlic then cook 1 additional minute.

  • Add flour then cook, stirring constantly for 1 additional minute. Add milk, salt and nutmeg then stir until combined. Bring liquid to a bubble then reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring frequently to prevent scorching.

  • Squeeze as much liquid as possible from the spinach—the successful outcome of the dish depends on removing as much water as possible! Add spinach and Parmesan cheese to sauce and stir until completely combined. Taste and season with additional salt and pepper if necessary.

  • Transfer to prepared baking dish and sprinkle with Monterey Jack or Gruyere cheese. Bake for 28–30 minutes or until cheese becomes golden and dish is hot and bubbly.


Don’t be shy when it comes time to remove the liquid from the spinach. The success of this dish depends on it!

Author: Cheryl Najafi

Course: side dishes

Calories: 193kcal, Carbohydrates: 14g, Protein: 12g, Fat: 11g, Saturated Fat: 6g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 29mg, Sodium: 572mg, Potassium: 1135mg, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 5g

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The Best Spinach Gratin Recipe Ever - Everyday Dishes (4)

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originally published on Aug 17, 2015 (last updated Oct 26, 2023)

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14 comments on “Spinach Gratin”

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  1. Carole Nickell

    Spinach with a cheese topping. A wonderful way to get my veggies.ww

  2. Carole Nickell

    Wordle gets my day off to a good start. I love it!

  3. Karren Gervasio

    10 oz package is equal to one pound fresh spinach.

  4. Lauren

    Does this translate well if made the night before and baked the next day?

  5. Patti H Lee

    Any info regarding amount of fresh spinach vs frozen

  6. Cindi

    Great recipe, next time I will cut the salt in half.

  7. Linda Peterson

    Can this be frozen?

  8. Sherell

    I loved this recipe. It was a great side dish for Thanksgiving. This recipe is a keeper. ❤️

  9. Lois Thompson

    Got rave reviews on this at Thanksgiving dinner!
    Will make again.

  10. Nicole Rushton

    This meal was the favorite of our Thanksgiving meal. Everyone loved it!

  11. Reagan

    How much fresh spinach should I use?

  12. Karin L Wiles

    I made it a day ahead to save time but I had to taste it. So good! I think it’ll be a hit as a Thanksgiving side dish.

  13. Terri

    I’d like to use fresh spinach. How much should I use?

  14. Allie

    How much spinach should I use if I want to use fresh spinach?

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The Best Spinach Gratin Recipe Ever - Everyday Dishes (2024)


Can you make Ina Garten spinach gratin ahead of time? ›

This spinach gratin, from her fabulous 2001 “Barefoot Contessa Parties!” cookbook (Clarkson Potter), is perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Make it a day ahead, cover, refrigerate and bake while the turkey is resting. Garten told me she keeps Thanksgiving as traditional as possible.

What do you use gratin dish for? ›

The Au Gratin dish is typically used for making gratins, roasting, and baking. The dish's oval base and stoneware construction ensure that ingredients are consistently exposed to the heat source. This ensures that dishes retain heat longer and maintain their flavour well after it reaches the table.

Why is my gratin watery? ›

Try using russets. Some potatoes, like Yukon Gold, have more water in them. Try letting the dish rest for 10 minutes or so to let the water get absorbed and let the sauce thicken.

Do you have to dry spinach before cooking? ›

Spinach releases a lot of water as it cooks. So my father's trick is to drain and dry the spinach leaves as well as you can, using a salad spinner if need be, before cooking them.

What is the difference between au gratin and gratin? ›

A “gratin” is any dish that is topped with cheese or breadcrumbs mixed with butter, then heated in the oven or under the broiler until brown and crispy, according to The Food Lover's Companion. The term “au gratin” or “gratinée” just refers to anything prepared in that manner.

Which is better scalloped potatoes or au gratin? ›

Scalloped potatoes also won't be as crispy in texture as au gratin. Both are golden brown and creamy, but if it's crispiness and crunchiness you're after, au gratin will probably be your best bet. Either one is sure to be a hit with your dinner guests, but it just depends on what sort of vibe you're going for!

What is the difference between a gratin dish and a casserole dish? ›

Casseroles and gratins are the same dish.

Yes, there actually IS a difference between a casserole and a gratin. Both are baked in the oven, but a gratin is a special form of a casserole. When cooking it, you will layer the ingredients instead of just adding them all together.

Can you make Ina Garten potato gratin ahead of time? ›

Garten recommends letting the gratin sit for 10 minutes before serving it hot. She also notes that the gratin can be cooked a day ahead and reheated at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, a helpful tip if you want to save some time on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Can you make au gratin potatoes ahead and reheat? ›

You can absolutely make these cheesy au gratin potatoes up to three days ahead of time! Simply pour the sauce over the potatoes as directed, then cover the pan with foil and instead of baking, place in the fridge until ready to bake.

Can you make Ina Garten's mac and cheese ahead of time? ›

Both versions of the featured Mac & Cheese recipes here can be made the day before, taken out of the fridge an hour before baking, cooked and serve! This allows you to make the mess the day before and really enjoy it yourself.

How long can you refrigerate gratin? ›

Potato Gratin is one of the easiest potato sides to make ahead! Cook it as per the recipe, cover with baking paper (to stop the cheese sticking), followed by foil and refrigerate it for up to 48 hours. To reheat, keep it covered and heat it in a 200°C/400°F (180°C fan) oven for 45 minutes or until warmed through.


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