Baby Gravy Are Headed To Australia And They Want Bunnings Hats Thrown Onstage (2024)

The duo, known for their playful and irreverent style, shared insights about their journey and what fans can expect from their upcoming shows from their respective homes in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

"I fired my last management and now I'm way happier," bbno$ says from his parents' home in Canada, which is currently his home base when he's not on tour. "This year I got new management and they're just my friends, so it's super epic."

Born Alexander Gumuchian, bbno$'s latest single 'It Boy' has reached 6.5 million views on YouTube and over 14 million streams on Spotify since its release in late May.

Yung Gravy – real name Matthew Hauri – recently became a dog dad to German Shepherd mix called Hendrix and has been busy making his LA house a home. . . when he hasn't been on the road or in the studio.

"I just finished the new album that I've been working on – the new song 'Lone Ranger' just dropped in Australia today," he says, "and I've been chilling at my home that has gotten very cosy – summer's great."

The pair's comfort and ease with each other is palpable, and it translates into the Baby Gravy music and performances. Despite the challenges of coordinating schedules, they somehow manage to find time to work together.

"75 per cent of the time that we hang out is because we're working," Yung Gravy notes. "We have fun because we're both just busy as hell, but when we get to just actually chill, it's really nice."

The upcoming Australian tour marks a significant milestone for Baby Gravy, as it's their first joint tour in the country. Both artists are enthusiastic about the reception they anticipate from their Aussie fans. "I think Australia has probably the best shows in the world," Yung Gravy enthuses. "People ask me my favourite city to perform. I would just say Sydney."

For his part, bbno$ is just excited. "I remember years ago, some fan sent a DM and was like, 'hey, I hope you and Gravy could come out to Australia sometime together'," he says, "and honestly, I just really, really truthfully hope that one person, if they're still a fan, goes and buys a ticket and comes out."

When asked what fans can expect from their shows, bbno$ promises "a couple of shoeys, a bunch of bangers, and a lot of fun". Yung Gravy adds: "Bangers, shoeys, music. Two men. . . actually, three or four. A lot of things you don't normally see at a rap show, or any show. We're unique."

Originally slated for a spot at Splendour In The Grass, the pair will now perform a headline tour around the country, with a festival appearance at Splendour's 'sister' festival, Spin Off, in Adelaide.

With both men boasting an impressive tracklist of viral hits individually – including 'Betty', 'oops!', 'Lalala', and 'Edamame' – along with a collective back catalogue of three Baby Gravy albums, how do they choose which songs to include in a set in particular?

"I mean basically I think we have five, six, maybe seven songs each that are all pretty damn big singularly," bbno$ says, "and then we have five songs that are pretty ginormous together. So we're just going to slam that shii!"

Yung Gravy recalls looking at Splendour's social media when the event was cancelled and the first thing he saw was a comment that mentioned them.

"It said, 'You guys really thought you could book all the same acts then add Yung Gravy and bbno$ and we'd come', or something like that," he laughs. "It was the funniest roast; we got acknowledged and kind of roasted."

Known, as many rappers are, for having fans' lingerie thrown onstage during their shows, at one point Yung Gravy made a point of donating money to breast cancer charities for every bra thrown onstage.

For this Australian tour, however, bbno$ would love locals to throw something different on the stage: Bunnings hats. "They're like Home Depot hats, basically," he explains to a bewildered Yung Gravy.

"They're like sombreros kind of. . . I don't know. I bought one not too long ago when I was there in Australia the first time and it's nice. Covers you from the sun, it's useful." What if you end up with 700 of them after this goes to print? "That would be so funny," bbno$ laughs. (Fans: do your thing.)

When 'Baby Gravy 3' came out, it marked six years of friendship between the musicians who, remarkably, say they don't really prank each other much when they're together – except for one time, bbno$ recalls.

"Being a Canadian dude I just was like, I'll just take everything. I'll just do everything, and I was just starting to get into really fine dining and Michelin star dining kind of restaurants.

"There's this amazing restaurant called Applebee's, which is probably the sh*ttiest food in the world. . ." Yung Gravy interjects: "It's not the worst, but it's like a mall chain – if you've heard of Cheesecake Factory, it's like the worst version of that. Everyone on the tour bus picked up on the joke and we kept hyping up Applebee's as being a Michelin star place.

"My other favourite one with Alex is when I first got my Tesla," continues Matthew. "You double click the key for the door handles to come out. I would have the key in my pocket, and I told him that he would have to say 'handle' out loud. We'd go to my car, he'd say, 'handle, handle'. I made that one last awhile. I got a kick out of that."

All jokes aside, both artists have been deeply immersed in their creative processes. bbno$ has been prolific, creating 120 songs since November. "I'm working on a bunch of singles right now, working on an album with my friend Y2K," he says.

"I've been going sicko mode; I've made 120 songs since November and I'm figuring out how to hone. Out of those, I'm probably dropping like eight max."

Yung Gravy has been working on a new project as well, blending genres in innovative ways. "I just finished this morning an album, actually proud of myself, me and Diamond Pistols, who I got this mouse [tattoo] on my shoulder for, a trap country, little sort of rock soul. . . I don't know, we just experimented with new things with a lot of a country focus."

With many artists now turning to country – Post Malone has a rumoured country album due any day, Ronnie Radke recently released a country duet with Jelly Roll, and MGK has been covering country songs online – Yung Gravy is annoyed he now looks like he's jumping on a trend.

"It pissed me off because we started doing this two years ago and I don't know, we just took our time with it; I was touring a lot, and then all of a sudden Beyonce dropped that, no warning," he says.

"Then other artists started doing it and it started popping off more and more and more, and now when I post this stuff that I wrote a year ago, people are commenting like, 'oh, you're a bandwagon' – and I'm like, all right, most people like it, but there's a lot of gatekeepers in that genre."

Despite everything else going on, the pair is still looking forward to creating new music together. "We could put out an EP instead of making a full album, we could put out an EP in 2025," Yung Gravy says.

With their infectious energy and unique blend of music, Baby Gravy is set to make a memorable impact on their Australian tour. Fans can look forward to an exhilarating experience filled with humour, high-energy performances, and a touch of the unexpected. And who knows? Maybe a Bunnings hat or two will make it onto the stage.

As bbno$ aptly put it: "We don't do anything unless we're having fun." It's clear that Baby Gravy's fun is contagious, promising a tour that Australian fans won't soon forget.

Wed 17 Jul - The Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane)
Fri 19 Jul - Spin Off Festival (Adelaide)
Sat 20 Jul - Festival Hall (Melbourne)
Sun 21 Jul - Hordern Pavilion (Sydney)
Tue 23 Jul - Centenary Warehouse (Perth)

Baby Gravy Are Headed To Australia And They Want Bunnings Hats Thrown Onstage (2024)


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